Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why are you blogging?

Last week I sat down to write a blog post and I just couldn't do it. I can't even remember what the topic of the post was about, that's how disinterested I was. So I skipped the blog update. Then I skipped the next one. It was frustrating to not blog. I've attended several webinars and read countless other blogs that tell me blogging is mandatory for authors. If I wasn't blogging there was no way I could sell books when they finally get published, right?

So I reflect on my blog, go back and look over the few posts I've done. They have no relation to the types of stories that I am writing. If you followed my blog there is no way you would expect the book I am about to publish. Why am I blogging again?

I am working on a series of young adult books, The Seamus Chronicles. The books fall in the Sci-fi/Fantasy genre and my blog should reflect that. I have found that I enjoy and am somewhat good at the business aspects of self publishing. I will include some posts on that topic as well. Maybe my experience will help other aspiring writers. Every post that I do will in some way give insight to my writing and the things that interest me. You'll get to know me, and you won't be at all surprised by the books that I publish.

Why are you blogging? The concept of building an author platform and creating a community around your work is strong. It will help you to sell books, if you build the right community and have a relevant platform. Make sure you remember this when you are selecting and writing your blog posts. Ask yourself, is this a platform that I can sell my books from?

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