Monday, February 18, 2013

How to tweet all day

When I first started using Twitter one of the things that really mystified me was how certain people were able to tweet all day long. It didn't matter if I was checking on twitter from my laptop in the morning or if I was taking a peek on my phone while I was out to dinner with friends. The same people kept sharing content 24/7.

My first reaction was jealousy. I wished that I had the kind of job that let me surf the interwebs and tweet things out all day long. Next came confusion. Many of these people were really successful. They write books, blog, consult with clients, give interviews and so much more. How did they find the time to tweet all day when they were clearly doing other things?

For a while I blamed my phone. It's old, the screen is too small and the performance is terrible. I resolved that I needed a better tool if I was going to be tweeting all day. So I checked my mobile account to see up getting a new phone. Let's just say that the price for upgrading to a new iPhone or Galaxy III out of cycle was not in the budget. But the exercise got me to thinking about tools. These people have to use a tool to tweet all day.

So I did a little research and found Buffer. Not only does it work for Twitter, but it works for Facebook and LinkedIn too. Buffer lets you put tweets into a queue and will send them out at predefined times through the day. So if you find four or five interesting pieces of content while you are surfing you can use buffer to share them with your followers but spread them out over the course of the day.

Buffer even sends you an email when the queue is getting low and tells you to add content. This makes it kind of like a game for me. I want to make sure my Buffer is full almost all the time. It's also nice because you can still tweet out regularly. This means that if I snap a cool picture with my phone and want to share it right away I can do that.

So if you want to tweet all day but only have fifteen or thirty minutes to surf for content, checkout Buffer. You can be tweeting and sharing all day long in no time.

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