Thursday, February 14, 2013

My character is falling in love

I won't let you ask my wife, but if I did she would tell you I'm not a romantic. I'm not a romance writer and I didn't plan to have a romance in my book, Annihilation. But lets face it, sixteen year old boys, physics genius or not, have crushes and fall in love.

So Seamus is attracted to and falling for Sofie, one of the few survivors of the apocalypse. There is no "meet cute" and they do not become inseparable within hours of meeting. It's a little more realistic in that they meet, feel an attraction but then take some time. As with life there are a bunch of things that get in the way and it never seems like the right time to declare emotions. I'm still not sure where the two of them will wind up but there's a spark.

In honor of Valentines Day here is a passage from my book that I consider to be somewhat romantic.

        The wind and the noise have either come down in intensity or my hearing has adapted to the cacophony. I shout to Grace and Sofie who are now wrapped in a feeble embrace with me "Where's Dad?"

Grace seems to have stopped functioning. She worries for others when they stub their toe. The worry and concern she must feel right now has drained her.

"He's manning the fire truck." Sofie hollers back. She keeps splashing water on her face. I'm sure it's to keep cool but it also has the effect of washing away the dirt and tears. Her face is drained of energy and emotion but her beauty is still radiant. This hardly seems like the time to be thinking about falling in love but I can't stop.

Leaning over slowly I kiss her. I have no explanation for this action. It is unwarranted and inappropriate. But she's kissing me back! This is amazing. In thirty years will our children believe the story of our first kiss? I think not. It dawns on me that I'm not sure if this is a first kiss or a last kiss. Was this a final act of desperation before we all die? Or is this a first act of resolution that we will defend and protect each other until the end of time?

          My romantic interlude is stunted when the back end of the Escalade comes crashing through the house. As the girls and I dive into the water for cover the brakes engage. When we surface we see the giant SUV skid to a stop just short of the pool. There are dings and dents, scratches and burn marks everywhere. Our luxury land liner looks like the battle wagon Sofie declared it to be. 

What do you think? If you want to learn more about Seamus, Sofie, Grace and the other survivors checkout my website The Seamus Chronicles

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