Monday, February 11, 2013

Writing a book is like making music

With each performance on the Grammy's last night I was struck with the different levels of creativity that were on display. I realized that to be successful, writing and publishing books requires a blend of creativity similar to making music.

When you see the award for song of the year and realize that some of the nominees were songs not written by the person who performed it you can see two levels of creativity. To me the singer or band is like the editor. They take great content and polish and present it in a way that interests a wide audience. They make it easily consumed.

When I see Mumford and Sons on stage and the keyboardist is rocking out with a huge smile on his face you see his level of creativity. It's different than the creativity of the lead singer, but equally important to the song. The keyboardist is your books layout. If the background and format are not right the content will not be as engaging.

Justin Timberlake did an amazing set in front of an old-school style big band setup. The clip is below. The facade was intriguing and made me want to wait and listen to the song. His choice of graphics caught my eye. This one is easy, the cover of your book.

I could go on like this; choreography, producers, clothes etc. The point is that these amazingly talented artists think creatively on many levels. But they don't get to the #Grammys by themselves. The finished product comes out with input from multiple resources.

So as a writer why would you try and do it all yourself? It's OK to get help. Editors, professional cover designs, layout specialists they can all take your vision and your art and make it customer friendly.

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